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Your competent partner in emergency medicine, mountain rescue and air rescue. Innovative, future-oriented concepts and systems for rescue operations. Our Products were developed by specialists for use in emergencies. We are also your component partner in mountain sport, where we can use the knowledge and experience of absolute professionals like Hans Kammerlander to develop products with ideal functionality and excellent quality. Our products are made in Europe, made out of European Material. This is our sustainable and valuable contribution to the ecological balance of our world.

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The new oxygen backpack for the Christophorus air rescue fleet from Rocksnake!

The new Rocksnake Oxygen backpacks are of course again with the Individual labeling System (IKS=Individuelles Kennzeichnungs System). With today's variety of organizations and the number of different rescue operations, it's getting more and more important to personalize and label the products. With our IKS, this is very easy and quick as well. The new Viper Oxygen backpack contains our high Quality inside pockets and there's still enough space for individual accessories and attachments.