The products of the Viper Series

The backpacks of the Viper series are mainly used in ground-based rescue, but also in other areas such as air rescue. The products are of high quality and specially made for the use in rescue operations. In order to ensure the customer-specific individuality of the backpacks, Rocksnake offers a variety of sizes, colors and functions. The IKS - Individual Labeling System allows customers to personalize and label their products quickly and easily in order to keep the overview in today’s diversity of organizations and the wide range of different operations and uses of the products.

Viper 17H fieryred without IP

  • Medicine compartement with every claim adaptable module system. All inside bags are held in place by Velcro and can removed, replaced or added on.
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
  • IKS - advanced interchangeable labeling: The front part can be changed individually.
  • Sturdy carrying handle.
  • Reflectors for improved visibility.
  • Corner and edges protection by reinforced, anti slippery material.
  • Without inside pockets
Colour: fieryred
Volume: ca. 26L
Size: ca. 27x40x22cm
Weight: ca. 1310g
Item number: 779500
Availability: immediately available
EUR 215,88
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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