Hygieneboard Basic set

Hygiene board base frame

This is a compact and lightweight stand system: it is used wherever disinfection is necessary and important, but the necessary infrastructure is lacking. The basic stand can be equipped individually:

  • With soap dispenser
  • With dispenser for disinfectant
  • With holder for gloves
  • With dispenser for paper towels
  • With 10L water canister and holder for it
  • Robust and resistant to tipping over
  • Easy to clean - just clean it with a high-pressure cleaner

Robust and easy-to-clean main material: Light and stable Nut 8 B aluminum strut profiles

Size: ca. 28,5x29x21,5cm
Weight: ca. 3000g je nach Bestückung
Item number: 69400071
Availability: on demand
EUR 310,80
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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