The products of the Viper Series

The backpacks of the Viper series are mainly used in ground-based rescue, but also in other areas such as air rescue. The products are of high quality and specially made for the use in rescue operations. In order to ensure the customer-specific individuality of the backpacks, Rocksnake offers a variety of sizes, colors and functions. The IKS - Individual Labeling System allows customers to personalize and label their products quickly and easily in order to keep the overview in today’s diversity of organizations and the wide range of different operations and uses of the products.

Changeable front Viper TCX mF

The Changeable front: A whole area on the front of the Docsnake and Viper was designed to be interchangeable. A logo, photo or written identification can be created very easily with digital printing and can be inserted into the backpack with Velcro. The digital print is laminated for better protection and for hygienic reasons. A pdf or jpg file with a quality of at least 1000 dpi is required as a template.

!The exchangeable fronts are usually exchanged free of charge!

Description labels / slide-in labels: A name, a description or an identification can be inserted into the already prepared slide-in window on the backpack. It can be created very easily and also on your own printer.

Basic colour: white

Dimensions: 21 (26,5)x17,5cm*

* The number in front of the brackets is the printing area with an insertion window, the number in brackets would be the printing area without a window.

Colour: white
Size: 21 (26,5)x17,5cm
Weight: ca. 70g
Item number: 1714110
EUR 66,00
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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