Rocksnake systems

An important point that distinguishes the Rocksnake products is the individuality of the products for the customer. For this, the experience of absolute specialists was used to create our products. The backpacks are either equipped with the Vario Velcro System or with the modern Magnetic Fix System. Most products are also provided with the individual labeling system.



With the VKS = Vario Velcro System, insidepockets, ampoule cases, holders, VKS-compatible elements and small parts can be easily and flexibly fixed in the backpack with Velcro.

With the MFS = Magnetic Fix System, these elements can be fixed magnetically. The MFS is also flexible, individual and also makes it easier to clean the backpack. Both systems are not only flexible, but also easy and quick to handle in order to act quickly and effective in rescue operations.

The IKS = Individual Labeling System allows customers a quick and easy personalization and labeling of their products in order to keep track of the diversity of today's organizations and the number of different rescue operations.

Our Patrolleur 34 MX is equipped with an ABS = Airbag System so that the best possible equipment is available even when there is a risk of avalanches.

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