The products of the Patrolleur Series

The Patrolleur is a classic backpack made for use in ski patrol and mountain rescue, but of course also hugely useful in other areas. This immensely practical backpack is available in different versions, which also contain an ABS-compatible backpack (Patrolleur 34 MX). The Sidewinder, which can be used in the rescue industry as well as for mountain sports, is also part of the Patrolleur series.

Description label 165 Patrolleur

The Changeable front: A whole area on the front of the Docsnake and Viper was designed to be interchangeable. A logo, photo or written identification can be created very easily with digital printing and can be inserted into the backpack with Velcro. The digital print is laminated for better protection and for hygienic reasons. A pdf or jpg file with a quality of at least 1000 dpi is required as a template.


Description labels / slide-in labels: A name, a description or an identification can be inserted into the already prepared slide-in window on the backpack. It can be created very easily and also on your own printer.


Basic colour: silver reflective


Dimensions: 14x5cm

Colour: silver-reflecting
Size: 16x5cm
Weight: ca. 20g
Item number: 1712000
Availability: on demand
EUR 13,20
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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