Thermo rescue bag flamered L

Thermo rescue bag L

  • Thermal insulation through easy-care polyester filling.
  • Padded protection for the head.
  • Foot part with expansion option for voluminous ski boots.
  • 10 robust carrying straps for a gentle transport of the injured person.
  • Robust anti-slip fabric to prevent slipping on plain underground.
  • The rescue bag is intended for use with a standard vacuum mattress.
  • With the large Velcro fasteners, both very slim and small people as well as very tall, heavy people can be packed.
  • The rescue bag is built to be very robust, but has no certification for hanging freely on the rope!

Colour: flamered
Size: 210cm
Weight: 3020g
Item number: 69408630
Availability: on demand

EUR 538,80
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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