Mountain-rescue products

Many mountain rescue services already use our products. The special back padding, the matched size, the adapted carrying straps and much more characterize our backpacks for mountain rescue.

Of course, you will also find other products that are essential for a rescue in the difficult mountain landscape.

Avalanche bag 55 L

Avalanche bag 55L

  • The backpack is divided into 6 differently sized inner compartments for 30 red, 30 yellow and 10 blue marking-flags, for 5 probes, for a A4 documentation folder, for 5 avalanche transceiver, for an anchoring system and for 3 avalanche shovels.
  • With reflector for better visibility.
  • Simple carrying system.
  • Two robust shoulder straps
  • Roll closure.
  • IKS slot.
Colour: fieryred
Volume: 55L
Size: 74x42x27cm
Weight: ca. 1900g
Item number: 69406450
Availability: on demand
EUR 203,88
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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