Mountain-rescue products

Many mountain rescue services already use our products. The special back padding, the matched size, the adapted carrying straps and much more characterize our backpacks for mountain rescue.

Of course, you will also find other products that are essential for a rescue in the difficult mountain landscape.

Docsnake 45 MSE citrusyellow without IP

Docnsake 45 MSE

The DOCSNAKE 45 MSE is the first choice when weight is an essential factor. Even if the backpack is light-weighted, the flexibility is still given.

  • Main case with a modular system that can be adapted to any requirement. All inside pockets can be fixed, removed, interchanged or expanded and freely placed with our velcro system.
  • Front compartment for additional or private equipment. For example avalanche shovel and probe
  • RMB - Rocksnake Molded Back - carrying-system.
  • Removable, lightweight hip-belt, 38mm wide.
  • Anatomically cut shoulder straps with chest strap and integrated emergency whistle.
  • IKS Individual labeling system.
  • 2 robust handles, robust enough to attach the backpack on a winch or rope.
  • Reflectors for better visibility.
Colour: citrusyellow
Volume: ca. 50 L
Size: ca. 57x36x31 cm
Weight: ca. 1360g
Item number: 776710
Availability: immediately available
EUR 298,80
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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