Products with IKS personalization

With the diversity of today's organizations and the number different rescue operations, it is becoming more and more important to personalize and label products. With our IKS (Individual Labeling System), this is very easy and quick. The fronts (the mostly white, rectangular area on the front) of the backpacks can be individually labeled and, for example, provided with the logo of the respective institution. The individually manufactured designation plates can also be exchanged quickly and easily.

Docsnake 28 SE flamered ohne IP

Docsnake 28 SE facelift

The DOCSNAKE 28 SE is very flexible to use. As a first aid backpack in accordance with DIN 14142 K for the fire department but also as a first aid backpack for private use. Or simply as a leisure backpack.

  • Main case with a modular system that can be adapted to any requirement. All inside pockets can be fixed, removed, interchanged or expanded and freely placed with our velcro system.
  • Separate compartment for Stifneck.
  • Anatomically cut shoulder straps.
  • IKS individual labeling system. (The Docsnake 28 does not have an interchangeable front system - only designation labels can be changed here)
  • Stable handle
  • Reflectors for better visibility.
Colour: flamered
Volume: 28L
Size: 50x30x17cm
Weight: 1201
Item number: 776000
Availability: on demand
EUR 215,88
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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