The specialist in canyoning is the watersnake. The Watersnake tec 09 is available in two sizes - 50 liters for long, difficult tours and 40 liters for short, lighter tours. The light and also cheaper version to this is the Watersnake XSE 19. The products were developed with canyoning professionals especially for canyoning.

Watersnake XSE 19

Watersnake XSE 19

The light and inexpensive addition to our specialists Watersnake tec 09. Developed with canyoning professionals especially for canyoning. Movable partition to store emergency equipment separately from the working stuff.

  • 4 robust loops to build an anchor with just a cord.
  • Additional compartment for emergency equipment and reserve rope.
  • Stowable suspension strap - can be attached in 3 heights.
  • Robust handle.
  • Stable handle for better throwing.
  • Fast water drainage.
  • Slide-in compartment with loops for stowing equipment.
  • Stowable flap in the back made of hard-wearing Hypalon for transporting the wetsuit.
  • Body contact design with a simple, robust hip belt and anatomically shaped shoulder straps with reflectors and chest strap with signal whistle, developed according to sports medicine aspects.
  • Emergency release of the shoulder straps.
  • The zipper for the lower compartment is provided with a patented abrasion protection.
  • A separate pocket can be found at the lower compartment for our drift-anchor.

Colour: fieryred/yellow
Volume: ca. 34L
Size: 53x32x20cm
Weight: ca. 1850g
Item number: 6940943
Availability: on demand

EUR 240,00
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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