Viper 34 TCX Oxygen with 5 IP

Viper 34 TCX

The VIPER models are built for emergency medicine. Versatile, very robust and still light and handy. Especially the TCX model is to clean and disinfect.

  • Main case with a modular system that can be adapted to any requirement. All inside pockets can be fixed, removed, interchanged or expanded and freely placed with our magnet system.
  • Additional flat and long compartment for a stifneck.
  • Plain and disinfection-friendly back.
  • Anatomically cut shoulder straps, plain and disinfection-friendly.
  • IKS Individual labeling system.
  • 2 robust handles, robust enough to attach the backpack on a winch or rope. Again plain and disinfection-friendly.
  • Bigger reflectors for better visibility.
  • Inner lining made of Rocktarp, plain and disinfaction- friendly. The fixation without Velcro means less pollution.
  • Metal parts processed in a concealed manner.
  • Magnet holding system paired with permanent magnets and soft magnetic material, alternatively with two or more permanent magnets.
  • Magnets with different holding force can be used.
  • Corners and edge protection made of reinforced material.
  • Innovative replaceable protection for the zipper, which also serves as abrasion protection for the entire lower side of the backpack
  • With 5 standard inside pockets and 1 pocket for 2L O2
Colour: saphierblue
Volume: ca. 50 L
Size: ca. 53x42x20 cm
Weight: ca. 6550g
Item number: 77813
Availability: immediately available
EUR 685,08
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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