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Welcome to the Rocksnake online shop! Here you can find the whole range of our products. Starting from our high-quality, individually adapted backpacks to accessories, ampoules, first aid bags, ect… to multifunctional systems. We offer specific products, which were especially developed for the use in the particular fields of application. Our products are made in Europe and out of European material.


  • Hohe Flexibilität
  • Individuelle Bestückung
  • Sichere Halterung auf kleinem Raum
  • Die kompakten Außenmaße ermöglichen eine leichtere Lagerung in Kühlsystemen
  • 5 Basisgrößen
  • Leicht abwaschbar
  • Stabiler Griff

Flexibles VKS System
3 x VKS 2ml Ampullenhalterung - blau - für 24 Stück 2ml
1 x VKS 5ml Ampullenhalterung - rot - für 6 Stück 5ml
1 x VKS 10ml Ampullenhalterung - schwarz - für 5 Stück 10ml
1 x Mittelpanel 16 x 14
2 x VKS Transparenttasche#3 - 15 x 5 x 2 cm
1 x VKS Transparenttasche#4 - 15 x 3,5 x 2 cm
1 x Beschriftungspanel


Colour: fieryred
Size: 19x17x11 cm
Weight: ca. 420 g
Item number: 7870355
Availability: immediately available
EUR 124,80
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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