FAS MF First responder set

FAS MF First responder set

For the first-aid of a patients, different types of First-aid modules with a specific range of tasks are available. They can be integrated into the respective backpack systems and can easily be carried as minimal equipment. Due to the high functionality, which enables a logical workflow, a wide range of applications can be covered.

The structure of this emergency kit follows a logical system from top to bottom. Starting with gloves to the equipment for access to a small bandage.

  • Flexible VKS (Velcro system)
  • Robust, preformed soft shell

Incl following VKS system parts:

1 x VKS Tupferplate
2 x VKS Venflonholder
1 x Middlepanel
1 x VKS 25ml bottleholder
1 x VKS Transparentboxes #4 15x3,5x2cm
1 x VKS Transparentboxes #8 15x6x3cm

Colour: fieryred
Size: 19x17x11cm
Item number: 7750930
Availability: on demand
EUR 118,80
VAT included, Shipping excluded

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