from specialists - for specialists

Rocksnake’s roots originally lie in mountain sports. Therefore we know how to build a backpack which is not just functional but also comfortable to carry. The majority of our team members either works in mountain- and air rescue, in hospitals or emergency medical services. That’s the reason why we know what the specialists expect from their equipment. In addition and that is one of the most important points, we use our versatility and flexibility. No climber is like the other, everyone has his/her own style. Nearly no emergency doctor, mountain rescue, air rescue and rescue team in general works in the same way or in the same environment. Everyone has different needs. We listen and use the resulting creativity and innovative strength of our friends, partners and customers, who come up with new ideas that help us to be there for each customer individually. Our location in Tirol enables us to fulfill customer requests quickly, efficiently and easily. We take the ideas of the specialists. All of our products were created in this way. It’s like a common thread, which runs through the product. Because of the difficulties of the rescue operation and the associated demands of the Material, it goes without saying that we use the highest quality materials, even if they are more expensive. These will be processed as perfectly as possible. Every small detail. We have moved our main production to Europ in order to deliver faster, more reliably and with consistently good quality. The possible and most important materials are now all bought in Europe again. It is important that both our customers and our environment benefit from our products. We’re not just talking about sustainability, we’re already living it.